Writing for my memory: my previous race roundup

I mentioned when I first posted here that I was annoyed with myself for not keeping a good record of all of the races I had run. It is unusual for me because I love things to be ordered and recorded. Lists, databases, journals – they are all things which make me happy. And yet, I have not just allowed myself to lose track of my races, despite being so proud to have run them, but I have also allowed myself to forget what times I did and how I felt. This blog should mean the end of this from here on in, but whilst out running today I though I would try and make a list of my races until now:

1. City to Bay 12K, Adelaide, Australia – approx. Nov 2003

This was my first ever race. I remember it was warm, and I remember also telling my Mum to come and collect me at Glenelg after around an hour and a half. I don’t know my exact time, but it was around an hour and I ended up sitting and waiting for Mum to arrive! We ate ice-cream afterwards…mmmm.

2. Sandwich Festival 10K, Kent, UK – 28 August 2004

My first UK road race – well, it wasn’t just roads, there was some grass, some beach and two loops around a rugby pitch. I remember being absolutely euphoric about finishing in around 55 mins (and being rather pleased I wasn’t running the half marathon). I spent a glorious day in Sandwich afterwards.

3. Larkfield 10K, Kent, UK – 19 September 2004

I remember it being hilly. I remember it finishing on a hill. And I can’t, for the life of me, remember my time.

4. Quest 10K, Ashford, Kent, UK – 10 October 2004

The ending was brilliant you ran around an athletics track to get to the finish line. It was like being in the Olympics…or not…Once again, I can’t remember my time but it was around 53 minutes.

5. Maidstone Half-Marathon, Kent UK – 24 October 2004

My first half marathon and it was incredible. Despite the muddy bottleneck at the beginning, and the murderous undulations along The Pilgrim’s Way, it was what I had been working towards. My time – I just can’t recall. It was under 2 hours but I don’t know whether I recorded it anywhere.

And then…I injured myself…so 2005 disappeared.

6. OC 06 20K in Richmond Park, Surrey, UK – 9 September 2006

I know Richmond Park well – its where I train – so I should have been prepared for the hills. But I found myself running with a delightful gentleman who ended up finishing near the front, so I had exhausted myself keeping up with him. I dropped back, but he ran up to me 20 metres from the end to cheer me over the line. My time was 1:50.49.

7. Barns Green Half Marathon, West Sussex – 29 October 2006

The scenery of this race was breathtaking – woods, countryside – everything that makes England beautiful. My time was 1:58.36 and I got a lovely picture of me in the local newspaper (which I kept, of course).

8. 26.2 RRC Valentine’s 10K, Surbiton, Surrey – 11 February 2007

Frustratingly, I know this was a PB, I know it was under 50 minutes, and I know I can’t find what my time was! Argh! For some reason 49.50 seems to ring a bell, but I couldn’t be sure.

9. Nike Milton Keynes Half Marathon – 11 March 2007

This was also a PB for me – my time was 1:48.11. I have never managed a half marathon that fast since so 1.48 to beat! It was probably helped by having my boyfriend and his three dogs waiting along the route to cheer me on. I don’t normally have spectators there especially for me, so that just made it 100 times better.

10. Flora London Marathon – 22 April 2007

My first marathon and one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life. It was stinking hot (for London), but that didn’t detract from the experience. If you have never run a marathon, you are missing out. This one marked the beginning of a love affair with them. My time was 4:05.28. So you can see that the 4 hour barrier is my next goal.

11.Burnham Beeches Half Marathon, Bucks – 19 August 2007

A delightful two loop route through country lanes and shady trees. The nice thing about a two lap course is you know exactly how far you have to get to the end and what is coming up. I ran this in 1:49.56

12. Stansted Slog, Portsmouth, Hampshire – 16 September 2007

As I drove to this race I remember thinking ‘Slog…slog…hmmm…that doesn’t really sound like a normal half marathon, does it?’ And it wasn’t. It was 13 miles of cross country trails and hills like I have never run before. After the first hill (which felt like it was vertical), I found it was actually quicker to walk up the rest rather than kill your legs and run. Lots of fun though, and I came in as the 13th woman of around 50 with a time of 1:56.49.

13. Henley Half Marathon Silver Jubilee – 14 October 2007

A beautiful race along the banks of the Thames with a sneaky 1 mile long climb at around the 8 mile mark which slowed everyone down. I thought I had done pretty well with this one, and considering the hill, my time of 1:52.10 wasn’t shabby.

14. The ING New York City Marathon, USA – 4 November 2007

If I thought London was amazing, this one was out of this world. Everything – the city, the crowds, the route, the support. When it comes to staging big races, I take my hat off to the Americans. It was harder than I had expected because of the bridges, but my time of 4:14.22 was something I was really proud of.

And the 15th race of my short running career was Tunbridge Wells last week.

So, at least I have recorded them. I may have written official times to people in emails or kept them somewhere, but this is a pretty good guide. I would love to do a 45 minute 10K, a 1:40 half marathon and a 3:45 marathon. Unfortunately, I am only getting older so it probably isn’t getting any easier, but you have to have goals, don’t you?


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