Trying to find a running routine.


I have never really been one for routine. I don’t know what it is with me – perhaps I get bored too quickly, maybe I have so much on all the time that any routine I try to put in place gets thrown out pretty quickly. Granted there are certain routines I stick with – cleaning my teeth every evening, reading before I go to bed – that kind of thing. But even that can get thrown out now and then (the reading, not the teeth!). So it is no wonder that I find it difficult to stick with a running routine.

The frustrating thing is I love to run. I would absolutely love to get to the level of those people who are involved in the United States Running Streak Association – these people run at least a mile every single day. Some of them have been doing this for more than 30  years! I mean, talk about a routine!! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a UK version of this club (why  not?) but perhaps this is a way to try and get into a routine?  Some of the running websites also have groups for ‘running 1000 miles in a year’ or ‘running 2000 miles in a year’ which is also a good way to work towards something. I thought that aiming for a certain time in a marathon would do it for me – sadly, it hasn’t. I need to be able to measure progress every day and I find that time goals in some distant race doesn’t allow me to do that.

It’s odd – to direct my reading I have joined a book group which meets monthly and unofficially taken several challenges. They allow me to chip away at the challenge day by day and I have a deadline for my book group books. I have yet to find a running group I am comfortable with (and I do find it difficult to commit to something every week) and my challenges for running aren’t really measurable.  Perhaps they should be? So…in the sprit of the challenge, here are a couple I can consider or vary as I choose …

  •  Iraq to Maryland: this chap has decided not to run the full distance (6200 miles) but to run 1 mile for every 20 miles of the full distance. I wonder what the distance is from London to Adelaide…?
  • Jackson Williams – an amazing runner, is actually going to run from Lands End to John O’Groats (837 miles), doing a whopping 91 miles a day. This is serious running, but setting the distance is a cool idea.
  • In the US, you can do the 50 state marathon challenge which, I assume, means you run a marathon in all 50 states of the country. I guess over here you could do a race in each county, but I don’t think there are that many marathons.
  • Of course, there is the run everyday for a year type challenge, coming back to the US Running Streak mentality.
  • And then there are the run 1000 miles in a year, or 1500 miles or whatever type challenges.

Strangely enough, unlike reading challenges, most running challenges on the internet seem to be ‘run the London Marathon’ or ‘run a half marathon’. Blase and full of myself alert…but that just isn’t a ‘challenge’ for someone who is a regular runner. I am not at all discounting what a major achievement a marathon is. Blimey, I know how much hard work they are. But to try and get some kind of routine going, that just doesn’t do it for me.

Leave it with me. I am going to have a think about it and will report back when I have decided. But if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

I borrowed your picture, zhurnaly…thank you, it’s great!


2 responses to “Trying to find a running routine.

  1. Tnx, Nancy! — I like that photo too, although I think that the earlier image of fewer medals (plus a hat!) may be a bit better, compositionally …

    Re running in the UK, I’ll send you an email some time — a good comrade Ruth is back there now, and she might be able to advise you … we did a marathon and an ultra together a couple of years ago, and I think she’s thinking about walking the length of England next … (^_^) …

  2. Nancy Williams

    @Mark – I really like your other photo as well – sadly I didn’t find that one when I was looking for a good picture for this post.

    It would be lovely to hear from you about Ruth. An ultra is one heck of an achievement – I’m not quite there yet…

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