I’m Back! Post-Marathon Blues, a New Structure and a New Challenge

The past two and a half weeks have been spent nursing the post marathon blues. You can’t help but fall into them. For weeks and months you have been building to the big day, and then afterwards you suddenly find you are missing something. That and the fact that after a marathon, you become prone to catching a cold or flu due to your vulnerable defences. I had gone for weeks without being sick – my post marathon cold has now lasted almost a fortnight. Ah well, it was worth it.

However, I am back and with the dawn of a new challenge comes a rethink about the structure of this blog. You see, in a similar way to training I think a bit of structure could be a good thing. I get so many ideas of topics to write about when I run, but then when I sit down at my PC, they all disappear. I don’t want this blog to just be a dull monotonous “yesterday I ran 4 miles and felt good”, “today was sunny and I ran 10 miles and felt good” and “I just ran 7 miles and felt good” because that would send me to sleep as quickly as it would send you the same way. So, I am going to try a bit of structure.

Each week I am going to write something about Mind, Body and Inspiration. The Mind aspect will be about the mental side of running, such as motivation, confidence, success and failure and so on. The Body post will talk about health, training and injuries, and the Inspiration section will look at some of the ways to inspire you (and me), whether it be amazing people, challenges or goals. I am then going to allow myself a Post of Self Indulgence each week which will be all about me, me, me, me and me – how my running is going, what I am aiming for, and perhaps even a bit of “today I ran 5 miles and felt good” if I really want to indulge myself. I don’t expect this last post will be very interesting, except to Mum and Dad (hi, Mum and Dad!) but hopefully with the structure, it will prompt me to actually write about some of the things I muse about when I run.

Of course, I will be doing my usual good, bad and ugly race reports after each race as well. I kind of enjoy those.

Now, the new challenge. I want to run the Dublin Marathon on the 27th October this year. However, as a bit of a challenge, I am going to do two other marathons as my long training runs rather than head out myself for a 22 miler. The other two will be run without any real consideration of time (although I will record it – as if you could run a marathon and not!), I just want to use them for getting used to the distance and because it means I don’t have to carry drinks with me :). My osteopath asked me whether I wanted to try for the 100 Marathon club.

Er….I think I have a bit of a way to go yet…


2 responses to “I’m Back! Post-Marathon Blues, a New Structure and a New Challenge

  1. sounds like an excellent writing plan (mind/body/spirit) — best of luck in the execution, Nancy! … in many ways keeping the diary/journal going is like long-distance running … takes lots of individual steps to go the distance … ^z

  2. Thanks Mark. I am trying the structure idea in several of my blogs. Funny how a marathon almost feels like the end of the year with new year’s resolutions to follow.

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