A New Dawn: Getting up with the Sparrows

It’s been a while since I have written, as I have been on a running hiatus. I have been hoping that my sciatica might have got better, but despite physio, a good chair, osteopathy and rest…it’s still there. I got to a point where I decided that no matter what, it was going to hurt and I really wanted to get back to pounding the pavement, so I am accepting it as part of life.

In the past month, the company has moved to a new office in central London and I have found myself commuting again for the first time in 10 years. Of course, knowing my dislike for getting out of bed, I was left with a dilemma…

When was I going to run?

My choice was, either get up and run before work, or run when I get home. However, I don’t usually get home until 7.30 or 8.00pm, by which time I am shattered and can’t do much more than have a glass of wine and a good sit down. So I finally admitted to myself that if I wanted to get back to running, and really achieve my goal of running four more marathons this year (yes, you heard correctly), then I was going to have to get over my pillow love and start running first thing.

Well, a week into running and three weeks into the new commuting experience and I am up at 6.00am and have got myself back up to 4 miles of a morning. Don’t fall over with shock – I didn’t do it overnight. I knew that if I was to achieve the morning jog, I would have to ease myself in.

Each morning, weekends included, I have been getting up 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Each time I did it, I congratulated myself, and it got a little bit easier. Of course, the fact that it is summer and light at 6.00am is helping, but I am actually enjoying getting outside bleary eyed, before I have even had my coffee, and going for a run. Although it apparently takes 30 days to create a habit, so I still have three weeks of it to go, but I am pretty damn proud of myself.

So, I am back…again. And the sparrows are thrilled.

Thanks, Hamed Saber, for the sparrow picture!


One response to “A New Dawn: Getting up with the Sparrows

  1. congratulations (^_^) — you should be proud, Nancy! — but consider running on soft surfaces, with extra-padded shoes and thick padded socks … don’t make your injury worse! — ^z = Mark

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