The Training Begins

Dear Running Conscience,

Well, this morning marks 18 weeks to the London Marathon. So, despite the sub-zero temperatures, the black ice and the darkness, I did get out and do 3 miles this morning. I know, I know, I don’t exactly deserve a medal yet but at least I did it. I have decided to use a different training program this year – 18 weeks rather than 16 weeks, and just mileage rather than sprints etc.

Yes, I hate sprinting, and I am not trying to avoid it (really I’m not). It’s just that I never run every training run on my schedule. Something inevitably gets in the way and it always used to be my sprint days (funny that…). So I have found the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 training schedule and I will try and fit my fartlek and tempo runs in when I can, rather than feeling obliged to on a certain day.

Why 18 weeks? Well, because at the moment I am finding it so hard to get out of bed, that I needed a goal and I needed it to start pretty much straight away. Even with the thick frost covering everything.

Signing out for today…



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