About Me

My name is Nancy and I am a 33 year old Australian who has spent the last third of her life living in the UK. I am an avid runner. I have been running since 2004, and I battle my way through cold weather, dark mornings and traffic to keep fit, try and beat myself and train for the unbeatable rush of the race. Fortunately, the UK offers races every week throughout the year if you want them, as well as the ability to head over to the Continent or across the Pond or further to keep trying to satiate my passion.

I’m not super fast – never have been, never will be. I am not at the back of the pack either, something I am loving while I still can, knowing that as I get older, it is going to get tougher. I tend to run alone with my iPod and my thoughts and it is time I would never want to replace. Unless you are a runner, it is difficult to understand the highs, the lows, or the motivation. This is partly what this blog is all about.

Unlike my other blogs, I am not writing this for anyone in particular. I am writing this because I love to think, I love to write and I want to start capturing those thoughts. I don’t know how many people will read it. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter? The act of writing entrenches me even deeper into the community of runners around the world, and even if only one person ever reads a single post of mine, I know that it will be worth it.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And I would rather that step be a stride. I would rather be running.

If you do want to write me a message, you can contact me on nancy (at) tigertwo (dot) co (dot) uk. Oh, and thank you Abdou.W for the stunning photo that I have used for my header. What would we do without Flickr?


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Nancy- I am a new follower of yours, and just wanted to thank you for the priviledge to do that. I have just begun reading your blogs…and love your writing! If you would like to keep in touch by e-mail, that would be great.

    (dwight_dee on Twitter)

  2. Nancy Williams

    Hey Dwight! Thanks for following and I am glad you like my writing. It makes it all worthwhile knowing that someone is reading.

    See you on Twitter!


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