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It’s Icy

Dear Running Conscience,

Yes, I got up and ran again yesterday morning – another 3 miles in the dark and cold. Even as my feet were slipping and sliding everywhere I felt good that I actually made it out. There had been a light dusting of snow overnight which meant everything was white and very pretty so it was worth getting out.

But this morning I just didn’t make it. Everything was white again but that was because of the fierce frost which had coated everything. My bed was just too warm! Although you made me pay for it by showing me a number I didn’t want to see when I stood on the scales this morning. Oh well, so I need to lose at least 5kg and I need to increase my running each week…so I guess that is nothing new from every other marathon lead up.

I will be back in the morning – I promise.


The Training Begins

Dear Running Conscience,

Well, this morning marks 18 weeks to the London Marathon. So, despite the sub-zero temperatures, the black ice and the darkness, I did get out and do 3 miles this morning. I know, I know, I don’t exactly deserve a medal yet but at least I did it. I have decided to use a different training program this year – 18 weeks rather than 16 weeks, and just mileage rather than sprints etc.

Yes, I hate sprinting, and I am not trying to avoid it (really I’m not). It’s just that I never run every training run on my schedule. Something inevitably gets in the way and it always used to be my sprint days (funny that…). So I have found the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 training schedule and I will try and fit my fartlek and tempo runs in when I can, rather than feeling obliged to on a certain day.

Why 18 weeks? Well, because at the moment I am finding it so hard to get out of bed, that I needed a goal and I needed it to start pretty much straight away. Even with the thick frost covering everything.

Signing out for today…