When I am not running around out there, I am dashing about in cyberspace. I’d love to hear from you.

nancy (at) tigertwo (dot) co (dot) uk


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One response to “Contact

  1. Love It !

    Straight simple bold and the truth.
    Loving the Blog

    After a 6 month stint of vertually no exercise I stuck my neck out and got our of my steaming pit here in the noodle box (which is Hong Kong) and ran 5k before breakfast.

    The effect on my long hard.working day(special event management home about 8pm today !) was astonishing, more energy, more alert although legs aching and that clicky bad knee ( motorcycle accident South Africa in 98) made me wobble on the Transit railway on the way home.

    So out again Saturday early am (gotta start easy or I won’t walk next week!)

    Will check back for more comments, I was surfing for early morning warm up ( as i was a tad stiff for the first couple of k’s)

    Thanks for the inspiration


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